About us

About Us


Idea-Bay has been created with a vision was to speed up the development of goods, products, services around the world and ensure constant growth, technological development, consumer satisfaction and human sense of fulfilment. Using the idea-bay platform everyone can feel they chipped into the development of technology, products worldwide.


The vision of Idea-Bay is to allow people to communicate their ideas to the world.


How many times were you simply walking down the street when you said Eureka!! I’ve got an idea. Then you went home and started to realize that there’s so many chores around the house, a job that you have to go to every day, the amount of money it will take to develop the idea. Once realizing all those elements your super hype about the idea simply faded. The next option is to go to a company and maybe sell your idea. That’s a bit less time consuming but it’s difficult to get an audience with someone that will really listen. This web-portal is supposed to help people with those types of problems. Don’t have time to develop your idea? Don’t know how to develop it? Don’t have the money to develop it? Don’t have contacts how to get an audience at a company? Or simply you just don’t want to develop it and you’d simply trade it for some money.


Well the answer to all the questions above is one: Idea-Bay, the portal on which you can post your ideas and monetize them. It’s simple all you have to do is register on the portal, upload your ideas, set a price or simply ask potential buyers to contact you and you’re ready. When someone finds your idea interesting and wants to purchase the rights to use it he can. This gives both sides a win-win situation. You get compensated for your ideas and the company/person can use your idea and sell it commercially.


We are committed to ensure that your idea gets out to the audience that will find it useful. We also commit ourselves to ensure that you get reimbursed for your help to improve products, services and anything else worldwide.

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